Company Overview:
Technacon started in 1986 in New York State servicing the telecommunications industry. Over time the needs of the customer base changed as did company personnel. Technacon moved to Illinois in 1990 and incorporated in 2002. The decision to actively pursue ISO 9001 consulting occurred in 2001. The company has exhibited continual steady growth in sales.


The ISO 9000 objective of the company is to develop an individual system for each client company that does not require maintenance from an outside consultant. The system is in compliance with the standard (ISO 9001:2008) but is developed around the culture and specific needs of the client’s business and staff. At the end of each contract, the client’s personnel are fully trained and understand the relationship of their position to compliance with the standard. Documentation systems range from paperless to primarily picture/ color coding and manual activities. This is depending on the needs of the client. Documentation is developed with the idea of being a training tool.  As discussed in “Quality Progress”, December 2006 Consultants’ Style: Sometimes Less Is More, Technacon does not enter with a pre-prepared set of documentation but develops a company specific program. 

Technacon recognizes that the objective of clients is to generate a profit for the share holders. All consultant generated systems need to be cost effective as well as compliant to the standard. Lean manufacturing techniques and World Class elements are taught and implemented as appropriate but generally not discussed in terms of their relationship to these concepts.

Businesses have cycles. Consultants’ activities and billings are designed to consider these cycles.

We offer these same services for the automotive standards of QS 9000 and TS16949 and for the environmental standard ISO 14000.

Target Customers:

Manufacturers with sales of approximately $20 million annually or with an employ base of 100-500 employees are our target market.  We have worked with clients as small as 2 employees and $1.5 million in sales and as large as 6,000 employees with over $100 million in sales.

Typically, it is most cost effective for the client if they are within 4 hours driving time of Chicago or upstate New York or Fredericksburg, Virginia. Our consultants will travel longer distances if the client so desires.